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Amit Sonkhiya Android/iOS Apps (Flutter) and Web Developer | Tech Blogger


A self-motivated, observant, honest and helping programmer with good leadership and team player skills. Also, a rapid learner and always eager to learn.

Oh yes! I have a jolly nature. Just you're invited inside our private chatroom.


Enthusiastic Flutter-driven Android/iOS apps and web developer, passionate about complex troubleshooting in the programming field. WordPress plugin developer and translation contributor. An educator, mentor, and blogger publishing technical content for years.

Hi! I'm glad you are here today. This page is my professional biography. So let me introduce you a bit more of this journey.

I changed my professional life to a programmer 13 years ago through freelancing in Windows and Web Development using Microsoft .NET. Before that, I was a Computer Hardware Engineer who didn't enjoy the field that much.

Over the years, I trended myself with various technologies in IT, learned many programming languages and tools, worked with a lot of prestigious clients, took initiatives, and guided many students as well as did help of developers to fix coding issues through the Fellow tuts blog.

At the end of the year 2021, I started learning Flutter as well as the high-performing async programming PHP framework, Open Swoole. At present, I'm building a product (mobile apps + web version) using these technologies and available for freelance work.


I had been employed at Incsub, LLC (WPMU DEV) as Second Level Support engineer from Jul to Oct 2021. I had two primary roles:

  • Fixing WordPress/Hosting issues forwarded by FLS for clients.
  • Helping the development team to identify bugs and improve products.

It was a pleasant and splendid experience to work there. Nothing was more pleasing than satisfying clients and increasing trust in the company and its products along with a very supportive team and healthy environment.

I have also received appreciation from the higher department for the way I assisted them in quickly identifying issues and improving products by replacing code snippets with better ones.

Coding Experience and Work


WordPress Plugin Development and Customization

  • WordPress Plugins in the repository, more than 4,600 active installations.
  • Customized myCRED Plugin
    • Allow users to buy any job with points three times only and change the job category after that.
    • Conversion of regular HTTP requests to AJAX calls.
    • Fixed shortcode issues.
    • Committed all amendments as a separate and multisite supported plugin.
  • Woocommerce POS Plugin Customization
    • An interactive interface design for POS button that shows a popup with a graphical choice of tables.
    • Developed a front interface to select a table and attach that to the order.
    • Built the dashboard interface to create\manage tables and orders.
  • Front-end and back-end customization of Contact Form 7 & Caldera Forms.
  • Google eCommerce tracking code addition for Events Manager plugin.
  • Removal of unused Shortcodes left in WordPress sites after plugins uninstallation.
  • Third-party REST API integration (Facebook/Trustpilot).
  • Deep expertise in WPMU DEV plugins.

Theme Development and Improvement

  • WordPress multisite widgets development.
  • Custom Bootstrap themes development for WordPress.
  • Additional SEO-friendly themes with Schema and Structured Data integration.
  • Premium Divi child theme development
    • Intuitive Customizer module building with WYSIWYG feature.
    • Fixed failure during import/export.
    • Progress bar implementation during the import/export process.

Performance and Optimization

  • Optimized CURL requests and data caching using WordPress Transients API.
  • Speed improvement of client websites using the plugin, code and database optimization.

More WordPress Expertise

  • WordPress AJAX login/registration implementation.
  • Converting a WordPress site to multisite and vice-versa.
  • Implementation of Custom Post Types and coding for advanced control.
  • Turning WordPress site into a Progressive Web App.
  • Familiar with page builders like Visual Composer and Elementor.
  • Developed a number of eCommerce, business, and other kinds of websites using Responsive Web Design.

Mobile Apps Development

I have strong skills to develop Android and iOS mobile apps using Flutter and GetX reactive state management. A link to view these apps will be added sooner.

In the past, I have developed an interactive Android app (native JAVA) as per Google Material specification. Integrated advance services like Location, Billing, Social Authentication as well as Firebase Cloud Messaging.

I have 3 years of experience in Android Apps development. Additionally, I'm proficient in building interactive and synchronous web counterpart, using the same server-side codebase and utilizing advanced tools like Node.js, Websocket, and Redis.

UI/UX & Front-end

Well-experienced with Bootstrap and its Grid and Flexbox systems. Front-end development with HTML5 (Semantic/Accessibility), CSS3, SVG, JavaScript and jQuery. Familiar with JavaScript MVC approach.

Application Development

It's been years since I'm developing applications for the web, desktop as well as Android. I learned 10+ programming languages or technologies, yet nothing is enough always. Each day, the idea excites me that I would learn something new today.

My programming skills are spanned across HTML, CSS, Websocket, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Webpack, PHP, MySQL, Open Swoole, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Flutter, Java, ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL, and Redis.

Server Management

Experienced in setting up and configuring the Virtual Private Server. Applying basic security, plugins and advance packages installation. Familiar with running commands using SSH. Comfortable with Object Storage, CDN, WHM/cPanel as well as Plesk platforms.

IDEs, Editors & Tools

PhpStorm, Android Studio, Visual Studio Community, Eclipse, Notepad++, Brackets.


Participated in the ResellerClub meetup, organized by Endurance International Group in March 2017.

Blogging and Content Writing

I am just a regular full stack developer who loves to write code for mobile and web apps. Also, the one who is happy to share his technical knowledge. I love writing in the technologies I work in. Additionally, Mobile Apps, SEO, Promotions & Marketing, Freelancing, Blogging, Business, and Inspiration are also my favorite topics.

User-friendliness as well as SEO friendliness, both stay in my mind while writing content. With my writing expertise and experience, I engage visitors to take an action on your site and promote your blog and the business.

I write high-quality and genuine articles and have a deep understanding of SEO practices and tools. My articles can be read on the following blogs:

A Few Published Articles

Educator and Mentor

I have coached professional programming to many young people who were at the stage of starting the career. I experienced that the regular classes or a traditional teacher don't teach the coding that the industry expects. So I trended them from understanding a basic HTML tag to developing a complete and dynamic website.

I have also guided students to choose the right career. After identifying the skills and potentials, I've encouraged many of them to opt for alternative careers like Designing.


Before I came here, I didn't know anything about PHP or any platform. But after 6 months of study from Amit Sir, my skills had improved much quicker than I ever expected. I absolutely recommend him.

It's not easy to get a job without prior experience. I'm proud that I learned from you and got selected in the very first job attempt. Thank you Sir Amit for the practical development knowledge you taught to us.

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