Love to CONNECT strangers but wish to stay away from those who can vex you or aren't of your type?


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oYari Android app
Purely Fun

This app isn't another dating app or an app to support one's piggishness. We made this social app purely for fun where you can enjoy almost all online networking features at one place.

Be Weirdo

Life is already hectic & tensed. You can become a naughty nut, weirdo or crazy and express yourself. All without worrying about either a closed social network or what people would say.


oYari offers a number of ways to talk people including public streams and private messaging. At the same time, you can limit a channel whereas retaining others open as per your comfort.

Location Discovery

You might be interested in people nearby. The app makes this task easier for you by location and distance discovery. You have the option to fake location if you don't want.

Rich Profiles

Take advantage of rich profile feature to find alike people or people of your interest. No limit to browsing profiles nor we're going to tell you who have visited your profile.

Honours & Badges

You have chances to earn a lot of honours and badges while enjoying the app. Decorate your profiles with these precious signs and stand splendidly during your glorious journey at oYari.

Interact Strangers

People from across the globe are on your device's screen. Just choose your own filters and you are ready to interact with a lot of amazing people in fun and intuitive ways.

More Inside

We aren't just limited to feed or conversations. There are more inside the app to maximize your joy. Join oYari now to reveal the crazy things that will bring you fun and smile.

Plus Safer

Your safety and comfort are two topmost priorities to us. Forget about daunting people or abusive language. We've our own standards and we're just a wink away from you whenever you need.

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