Add Link to Copied Text WordPress plugin

Add Link to Copied Text is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you the power to either append links to text copied from your website or not let visitors copy content by simple selection.

Available for free.

This plugin offers you a number of simple configuration options to set up links. Apart from adding links to copied content from your website, you can choose to not let the user copy the text by simple mouse dragging. Have a look at the settings options below as well as the attached screenshot for a quick understanding of this plugin's capability.


  • Works silently
  • Option to disable simple copy paste
  • Add links to your page as well as the website
  • Easily configurable options to customize links


The plugin options page is accessible through Settings » Add Link menu.

Label to prepend
The text to add before the link. (Default: Continue reading at).
Number of <br /> tags to insert before the link
The number of <br /> tags between the label and the link. (Default: 2).
Open link in new window/tab
Check this to open the link in a new tab. (Default: false).
Add a rel attribute to link
Add a rel attribute to the link. The default and recommended value is "Don't add". Select canonical or nofollow if you prefer.
Link to site instead of page/post
Selecting this option will set the link towards the website's homepage instead of the page from where the content is copied. (Default: false).
Use page/post title as link text
By default, the link text contains the URL of the page. Check this option to use the page's title as the clickable text.
Add site title as a separate link
Place an additional link to the homepage by selecting this option. The default value is true. This option will be disabled if "Link to site instead of page/post" is checked.
Add site title to link text
Add the homepage's title to the text of the link. The default is false and the option will work only if the separate link isn't chosen.
Replace copied text with
Replace the text selected by the visitor with your custom text. Only <br /> tag is allowed.
Don't let user copy my content
This will discard all settings described previously and will clear the selected content from your website.


Add Link to Copied Text